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Kingdom of Sand 03/15/2011

Filed under: Awesome places — Chandni Khondji @ 8:32 am

Today I did something I used to do more often in the old days. I open my “For Pictures” Landmark folder, close my eyes, scroll and double-click, opening my eyes wondering where I landed.

Today this Landmark-Roulette brought me to a Sim called “Kingdom of Sands”. What I did not know about this place was, that it is a Role Play Sim. In my humble opinion a very well made and stunning one. It has a wonderful Arabic, Moroccan atmosphere surrounded by the desert. I could not make as many pictures as I would have loved to show you. So you will have to visit yourself to see it all 🙂

Kingdom of Sand

At the landing point you will be able to get a visitor titler, this titler is valid for 3 days after that you need to get a new one. Please wear it while you explore the sim, if you are not interested into being dragged into the Role Play. The dress-code is either something fitting to the setting or if you do not have anything and just want to visit anyway, muted colors and a not too modern design is encouraged.

Kingdom of Sand

This place is really beautiful, I’m surprised I have not been there earlier, most certainly I will return to explore some more. 🙂

Taxi to Kingdom of Sand


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