The Beauty of SL

The Crooked House 07/21/2011

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The posts since start always showed places where you can make awesome pictures, which is really great. But for me ‘The Beauty of SL’ is not only about the visible stunningly beauty of Second Life but also the question “What makes Second Life special?”. One of those places I have learned about today and I’ve had so much fun, that I need to tell you about it.

The Crooked House

This table you see it where it all starts. When you enter and nobody is around, click the red button to reset the build. When it’s done click on the grey object so the House sets focus on you. This is what makes it work, otherwise you’ll hit dead end pretty soon. So when you did that go and go through the rooms.

The Crooked House

Now you might ask what is so special about it. That is the fun part as well. This House moves, well the rooms do. And not only just move around, they also rotate, which will give you a “Where are all the furniture? Oh up there?” moments a couple of times.

The Crooked House

I could have sworn that I was in this Bedroom, entered the kitchen and then into another room and there was the bedroom again but upside down. So.. which of those doors should I take now? The wall-windows? The big green door? The one on the ground?

The Crooked House

Oi, and again those mindgames, I know I was in that room before but I could stand next to that desk.

The Crooked House

I have spent over an hour in that thing, it was just too much fun to leave. I’ve read in an article before that the sim was going to be closed BUT just a moment after, I’ve got the message that someone saved it, and I am so happy about that.

Creative crazy stuff like this is a big part of SL for me, the imagination and wit of places like that is a big part of what makes Second Life beautiful to me. With that I’m sending a huge thank you to all the creators on the grid bringing in their ideas and make it all fun for us 🙂

You can preview it here on youtube if you can’t imagine it yet.

Or just visit:

Taxi to “The Crooked House”